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LIBOR CFTC Settlement with Barclays

While not exactly breaking news, I just came across this settlement filing by the CFTC with Barclays over the LIBOR fixing.  For those of you in the compliance world, this is great reading.  The filing can be found here.

Top Five Cities for Big Data Talent (It’s not who you think)

CIOInsight is out with this list.  I’m not sure of the methodology, but it’s interesting.  See the piece here. 1. San Francisco 2. McLean, Virginia 3. Boston 4. St. Louis 5. Toronto  

Traditional Investments

Our academic and industry background in the evaluation and sales of traditional investments spans 18 years. We have consulted in well over 200 litigations, most of which involved traditional investments.

RMBS Litigation Update

In an RMBS litigation by the City of Ann Arbor Employees’ Retirement System as lead plaintiff against Citigroup et al, a settlement has been proposed of $13.20 per $1,000 or 1.32 cents on the dollar.  As observers of RMBS settlements will note, this is the mid-range of recent settlements. Read the memorandum of law, submitted…

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Some Basics of Decision Management

SmartData Collective has a nice entry-level piece on thinking about decision management here. The cheat sheet: 1.  Implement rules and observe closely, then lather, rinse, repeat. 2.  Measure constantly. 3.  Look beyond your KPIs (key performance indicators) for what they aren’t telling you. 4.  Be creative. (Easier said than done). 5.  Evaluate your results from…

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Update to LIBOR Liability Estimates

Zero Hedge was out this morning with an update on LIBOR liability estimates, here.  Also, see the WSJ piece, here. (You’ll need a subscription.) The range:  Macquarie at $176B to Morgan Stanley at $7.8B.    

Decision Analysis

Any decision your firm makes repeatedly is a great candidate for analysis. Instead of basing your decisions solely on experience and intuition, decision analysis techniques allow you to add an analytic component that is free of known and unknown biases.

Workflow Management

Most businesses experience bottlenecks and inefficiencies at some point in their processes. Workflow management analysis allows you to see where these bottlenecks and inefficiencies reside, quantify them, and test them for improvements.

Machine Learning

Machine learning techniques allow us to take a mass of data and pull meaning from it in a variety of ways. Using various algorithms, we can analyze your data for patterns and insights and use those to inform your decisions and to make predictions.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence involves the gathering of data from various sources in the enterprise; extracting, transforming, and loading them into a database; and then visually presenting those data in charts and dashboards that allow for simple understanding.

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