Accelerant is a growing litigation consulting firm actively expanding our roster of consultants, analysts, managerial, and support staff.

We are actively pursuing candidates for the following positions:

  • Investment/Broker-Dealer Generalist (with supervisory experience)
  • Insurance Expert (particularly someone who has worked for a carrier designing insurance products)
  • Registered Investment Advisor Expert
  • Futures/Commodities Expert
  • Former SEC and FINRA Examiners
  • Intern for the Summer of 2014

Please read our information below and if you think your skillsets complement ours, we welcome you to contact us.  Please submit the following to Jack Duval at

  • Cover Letter
  • CV
  • Writing sample or research paper


Why work at Accelerant?

Large and Complex Engagements

We specialize in large and complex engagements that require significant resources and a variety of expert and analytic talent.  While more difficult, we find these cases to be very rewarding.  You will have to bring your “A” game.


Accelerant has a culture of excellence described in three themes:  integrity, teamwork, and learning.  These elements are embodied in how our work gets done.


Our platform has been built to support consultant engagements.  All of our technologies, business processes, analysts, managerial, and support staff have been structured to provide a smooth operational and support infrastructure for every step of the litigation lifecycle.


We are continually looking to innovate in our work product, business structure, and thought leadership.  If you have original ideas, they are a welcome here!


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