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Big Data is Worth Nothing without Big Science

Here’s a nice piece from CNET on how big data alone is not enough, you really need the skills to know how to pull the meaning from it. That being said, it is getting easier to analyze big data. Money Quote: Last year, the McKinsey Global Institute projected that the United States alone needs 140,000…

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Climate Corp. Combines Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Insurance and Raises $50M

Climate Corp. is selling weather insurance to farmers based on data that the farmers provide to the company.  Climate Corp. then crunches the data (a cool trillion fields) and offers the farmers bespoke crop insurance. Read the article here.

Big Oil Using Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Interesting piece in the MIT Technology Review about how big oil companies are using analytics on real time data to avoid spills and increase productivity, here.

EU Focusing on Data Protection

Hat tip to the people at Latham & Watkins for covering this here. The EU will be hosting European Data Protection Day, details here.

Lookout DeVry, The Ivy’s are Getting into Online Education

Fantastic piece in todays NYTs, here, about how the top tier universities are opening up their classes to online students. This is a game changer.  You can now get an Ivy League education for free, as long as a student/teacher ratio of 120,000 doesn’t bother you.  (And I can assure you, it won’t bother anyone.) Here’s…

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Here’s a Great List of Data/Statistics/Visual Links from FlowingData

Design and Aesthetics information aesthetics — By Andrew Vande Moere, the first blog I found on visualization five something years ago. Well-formed data — Another one of the oldies but goodies. The blog of Moritz Stefaner, known for lots of projects around these parts blprnt.blg — Blog of Jer Thorp, who has recently been on a github binge. See also blprnt.tmblr…

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The U.S. Government is getting in on Big Data

The New York Times has an article on how the government is going to spend $200 million going after big data.

EMC Moves into Big Data

EMC just purchased Pivotal Labs and this Gigaom article explains why:  the next stage is big data apps that are intuitive and easy. The article also links to this piece on Accel Partners, a venture capital fund that has started a $100M Big Data Fund.  Once the VCs move it, the industry is out of…

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School for Quants at University College London

The Financial Times has an interesting article on a PhD program at UCL that essentially is a mashup of advanced math, programming, big data, and finance. Most crazy fact:  there is hedge fund that trades exclusively off of social data.

EMC White Paper “Data Science Revealed: A Data-Driven Glimpse into the Burgeoning New Field”

I just came across this white paper by our friends at EMC. Key takeaways: The cost of computing power, data storage, and high-bandwidth internet access have plunged over the past 20 years. Companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google are making data their primary product. There is a huge talent gap for data scientists.

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