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Complex Litigations

We have consulted and testified in many large and complex cases including cases involving over 70 different accounts and others involving the analysis of over 300 different prospectuses. In most of these matters we have directed a team of analysts and other experts to prepare the matter for trial.

Decision Analysis

Any decision your firm makes repeatedly is a great candidate for analysis. Instead of basing your decisions solely on experience and intuition, decision analysis techniques allow you to add an analytic component that is free of known and unknown biases.

Workflow Management

Most businesses experience bottlenecks and inefficiencies at some point in their processes. Workflow management analysis allows you to see where these bottlenecks and inefficiencies reside, quantify them, and test them for improvements.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence involves the gathering of data from various sources in the enterprise; extracting, transforming, and loading them into a database; and then visually presenting those data in charts and dashboards that allow for simple understanding.

Data Converter

Accelerant has developed a method for converting large data sets into simple and elegant visual representations. This method, called the Data Converter, allows us to take any data you may have and make it accessible to a group or team with all levels of analytic expertise.

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