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Libor Liability Estimate Update: $6 billion

The latest liability estimate for the Libor scandal is in at $6 billion for municipal bonds, writes Darrell Preston of Bloomberg.  (Bloomberg)  The estimate comes from Swap Financial Group.  The size of the muni swap market is estimated to be about $500 billion, so the $6 billion estimate comes in at 1.2 percent.

LIBOR-Type Manipulation Possible in Many Global Indicies

Joshua Gallu of Bloomberg reports here that many of the worlds benchmarks could be subject to the same type of manipulation seen with LIBOR.  How?: Fewer than half of the benchmark interest rates surveyed in the U.S., Europe and Asia were based on actual transactions, according to a confidential International Organization of Securities Commissions discussion…

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The Math of LIBOR Manipulation

I came across this piece from Bloomberg on the LIBOR fixing scandal.  Vaughan and Linsell do a good job laying out how any participating bank could manipulate the rate by entering high or low bids. The article can be found here.  Also, a mid-length article from The Economist can be found here.

Bloomberg hiring Data Visualization and Charting Business Manager

Bloomberg is hiring a Data Visualization Professional for its Charts and Graphics Business, which does all the graphical solutions for the Bloomberg Professional Terminal. As a Data Visualization and Charting Business Manager, you will be responsible for designing visual solutions that represent significant amounts of data to communicate actionable information. You will be continually challenged…

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