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Master Limited Partnership (MLP) Links

Below are some helpful links for your MLP research efforts: Comparison of different MLP ownership vehicles. Jim Cramer does a good job giving a folksy explanation of MLP basics.  Some historical information as well as an update on the MLP market.  Overview of MLP IPO issuance in 2012 as well as a 10-year chart of…

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Here’s a Great List of Data/Statistics/Visual Links from FlowingData

Find the FlowingData blog here.  The list is copied below. Design and Aesthetics information aesthetics — By Andrew Vande Moere, the first blog I found on visualization five something years ago. Well-formed data — Another one of the oldies but goodies. The blog of Moritz Stefaner, known for lots of projects around these parts blprnt.blg — Blog of Jer Thorp,…

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