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Can Libor be Fixed?

The indefatigable Floyd Norris, writing in The New York Times, outlines the problems with fixing Libor as it exists today.  The article can be found here. While there can be no doubt that the world needs a no-risk reference rate, I doubt that Libor can be salvaged.

LIBOR Scandal Becomes New Profit Center for White Collar Law Firms

Azam Ahmed of The New York Times has an great piece out in the DealBook Section about how white collar law firms are thriving, especially off of the Libor scandal.  You can find the article here.  The (literal) money quote: The global investigation into the manipulation of a crucial benchmark interest rate known as the London…

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Data gets cool in Davos

The New York Times reports that data is the sexy theme of this years Davos World Economic Forum.  The World Economic Forum has also released a report called Big Data, Big Impact, about how big data can affect international development. Money quote:  “Big data represents one of these seismic economic shifts that happens every 10…

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