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PwC Open University

PwC has some interesting looking material on its Open University Platform. (PwC)  It’s all free and most looks to be downloadable in friendly formats.  Get some insights as well as CPE credits.

Women Closing the Gap in Computer Science and STEM Studies/Jobs

Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (“STEM”) fields have traditionally been dominated by men.  This is changing.  Women 2.0 has an infographic on how women are catching up quickly to men in the STEM areas.  (Women 2.0).  Some headline numbers: 41 percent of Computer Science majors at Harvard are women That number is up from 28.9 percent just one year…

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Data Scientists and the New Cool

Tom Davenport has an excellent mid-lenth piece out in the Harvard Business Review about how data science is the new sexy job.  Tom has been writing about this for quite some time.  (HBR)  Of particular note was his description of the Insight Data Science Program, which is a post-doc Silicon Valley feeder five week training…

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CIA Archives on the Tradecraft of Analysis

I just discovered the CIA has a Center for the Study of Intelligence that publishes unclassified research on a quarterly basis.  This is a nice resource of tradecraft ideas for anyone in the forensic analysis business.  The archives go back to 2Q 2008.  Happy reading.  (CIA)

Predictive Analytics Coming to a College Near You (To Pick Your Classes for You)

Here’s a piece from the Center for Digital Eduction about how predictive analytics are making inroads into the slow moving world of college education.  The impetus is cost savings and graduating students in four years.  The upshot: an algo might match you up with certain professors/classes.

FINRA Offers Some (Limited) Analytic Tools for Invstors

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation website has some interesting, if limited, analytic offerings for individual investors to to see if they are vulnerable to scams and investment fraud. The analytic offerings can be found here.

Lookout DeVry, The Ivy’s are Getting into Online Education

Fantastic piece in todays NYTs, here, about how the top tier universities are opening up their classes to online students. This is a game changer.  You can now get an Ivy League education for free, as long as a student/teacher ratio of 120,000 doesn’t bother you.  (And I can assure you, it won’t bother anyone.) Here’s…

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