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Uh-Oh. Master Limited Partnerships Continue to Go Mainstream after 10 Years of Outperformance

The New York Times has joined the drumbeat of MLP coverage, noting how the relatively high yields and tax advantages of MLPs are drawing investors. (NYT) Here’s some facts that should give everyone pause before investing in these complex products: They have an average 16.7 percent annual return for the past 10 years This return…

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Warning! Finra Arbitration Filings Down, S&P 500 Up

Below is a visualization of  annual Finra Arbitration Filings as compared to the S&P 500 annual closing value.  Since 1999, there is a significant negative correlation of -0.594 between the two.  When arbitration filings have peaked it has been a buy signal, and vice versa. On the lower pane of the viz, I have plotted…

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